Friday, October 29, 2010

Knicks Can Learn From Division Rivals

If you're a die hard Knicks fan, like I am, you really can't hate this Celtics team. You must admire their attention to detail and defensive intensity. With four likely hall of famers and one of the top players in the league running point, the Celtics are one of the most complete teams in the NBA.

During the preseason you could see a certain intensity in the Celtics each game that you were not likely to find in other teams; the Celtics took those eight games seriously. Although the Knicks have been mired in negatively rooted by their constant losing, Knicks vs Celtics games have been bad blooded battles...for three quarters. Once the 4th quarter comes around, the Celtics separate themselves with perfect execution and a lock down defense that suffocates teams and buries them.

In a likelihood, the elation from Wednesday night's road victory will vanish into the air in Boston tonight. I urge you Knicks fans, keep the discouragement to a minimum, the Knicks are not on the level of a Celtics team right now but that doesn't mean they should compete with them hard and perhaps do some note taking.

The Knicks are headed in the right direction. If you watched Wednesday's game you saw that the Knicks did not win by accident. They didn't score 133 points and win a shootout, "Mike D'Antoni style." They won by going to their star down the stretch and getting key defensive stops. In other words, as a I said about the Celtics, 'perfect execution and suffocating defense.'

It should be interesting tonight, Celtics coming off a loss and the Knicks beaming with confidence. I wouldn't call it a measuring stick game just yet, but a good one indeed.

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